What Exactly is Tandem Sky Diving?

For people who aren’t knowledgeable about ski diving, to them jumping out of a plane is done only one way. That is to strap on the parachute, close your eyes and dive into the unknown. However this is certainly not the case. There are various sky diving techniques include tandem sky diving. Tandem sky diving is the technique used by beginners and people who’d simply like to experience the thrill of sky diving.

Tandem sky diving is easy and very safe. The individual is securely strapped to an experienced sky diver. This method is used as a teaching method by instructors who are teaching people to sky dive. Tandem sky diving allows individuals to freefall at incredibly high speeds, often up to 120mph. This freefall sky diving technique doesn’t required skill but it definitely would require plenty of nerve. Before the actual dive, the individual is instructed regarding the actual aircraft exit, pulling the ripcord and the tandem parachute. The only real requirements are comfortable, appropriate clothes and shoes. At the tandem sky diving location, a person is given a jumpsuit, goggles and altimeter. They are also supplied with a harness which is used to secure them to the experienced sky diver or instructor.

Although there aren’t many materialistic requirements for tandem sky diving, there are a few guidelines concerning age, weight and health. To be able to sky dive, an individual must be eighteen years old. If a person weighs more than 200 lbs there are restrictions made. Of course it would make sense to be in good physical health before attempting a tandem sky diving jump. It is recommended that people taking prescription medications check with their doctor regarding side effects and tandem sky diving. When visiting any sky diving website on the Internet or reading material explaining the sport, a person should learn all they need to know about guidelines and restrictions for tandem sky diving. Before making plans for a sky diving getaway, it is imperative to make sure you are good to go.

When a person makes their first jump in tandem sky diving, they’d use a large parachute. As people become more familiar with the sport and become better at it, they normally switch to a smaller faster parachute. However, if you are contemplating sky diving for the first time, you will not require a fast parachute. The experience will likely be scary enough without having to worry about freefalling at outrageous speeds. Tandem sky diving, for the first time anyway, involves two people who are harnessed together. For this reason a larger parachute might be needed also.

Tandem sky diving sounds like the right jump for those people who’ve always dreamt of sky diving. It offers a chance to sky dive with the assurance of security. There are many locations where tandem sky diving is offered. To learn more about this sky diving jump, check out one of the many websites on the Internet regarding sky diving. Using Google or Yahoo, search for tandem sky diving and you’ll be provided with sufficient information.

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