Skydiving Equipment: Knowing Your Jumpsuit

Appropriate equipment is vital if you want to try or even pursue the sport of skydiving. Your jumpsuit is considered to be one of the most important equipment that you’ll need to take a dive. If you’re new to the sport, you should learn some certain jumpsuit essentials first before you go off on a jumpsuit shopping spree. Here are some of the things you should consider when buying a jumpsuit.

To Get A New One Or Not? To get a new equipment or a
used one is actually more of a financial choice rather
than something to be done out of fear or a want to impress. This doesn’t only apply for jumpsuits but other equipment as well. If money would not be a problem for you, then obtaining all these toys would
be an exciting game for you.

However, if like most people, your finances took a big bite from finishing your recent skydiving course, then your mortgage is already due yet your salary is still 2 weeks away, then you’d probably have to deliberate on buying equipment based on your budget.

To think of it, there is no point when you have all brand new gadgets but have no money to pay for the jump itself. There’s nothing wrong in purchasing used gear or even a mix of old and new. In fact it can be a good way to save up for this new obsession of yours!

Something About Jumpsuits

Having a well fitted jumpsuit, that is customized for your fall rate requirements and the type of skydiving jump you’ll be doing is valued in gold, and is most likely your shopping lists’ best value for money item. Initially, you may think that the price is very expensive just for a clothing item. Nevertheless, for sure you’d appreciate its value in terms of its excellent materials, durability, and workmanship.

What’s So Special About Jumpsuits?

Generally, formation skydiving jumpsuits are custom made starting from materials used up to its
measurements. The industry’s best manufacturers would usually sponsor a top team that provide them research and development feedback. The suits made are regularly updated and modified from the recommendations that are based on numerous tunnel hours and thousands of jumps. Those suits that you should avoid are the ones that are cheap copycats of the originals in which their manufacturers do not even know how to jump.

First Suit Tips

It is highly recommended that you buy your 1st suit from a dealer, instead of measuring yourself.
Generally, dealers would provide you excellent advice about the suit type, which is most appropriate for your fall rate and skydiving requirements. Additionally, they would take expert measurements. Plus, they would also consider what you’d be wearing underneath your jumpsuit to make your suit a much tailored one.

Dealers also show you colour fabric swatches coming from various manufacturers and would assist you in picking out your jumpsuit options. If ever you have any alterations, it would be in their expense. In general, suits would take 8 weeks to be done, unless if you want a rush order. Factors like time of the year also matter on how long your suit would finish.

However, if you do want to take measurements by yourself or ask your friend to do it, it’s important to take note the weight vests and warmwear you’ll be wearing.

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