Daddy Forums: Daddies Daycare

Being a father is no walk in the park and support groups are a terrific way for daddies who are facing similar challenging situations to offer each other encouragement, share ideas, and simply decrease the stress of a trying time. Unfortunately, most of the parent support groups found online are started and lead by Moms. So just where do daddies go — to the Daddy Forums.

Daddy Forums will provide you with all the information you’ll need to be the best daddy you can be. Where better to learn than from the ideas and experiences shared by real life daddies?

The Daddy Forums is categorized into four main sections, the Daddy Introductions & Announcements, Daddy Talk, Daddy’s Life and the Mall. These sections hold different message boards where real life daddies post their messages.

If you are new to Daddy Forums, the first thing to do is to introduce yourself at the Introductions. If you’re searching for the place where the announcements, rules, problems, and contests are announced then simply go the Forum Announcement boards, which is right under the Daddy’s Introduction & Announcement section. Now if you want to share ideas or have questions or give feedback, then the Forum Feedback is the place to go.

Now if it’s Daddy Talk you’re after you may choose among several boards. General dad talks that are not covered in other forums are found at the General Daddy Talk. Under the same section, working fathers talk about their day at the office at Working Daddy’s while work at home daddies gathered at WAHD. Meanwhile, military dads meet at Military Daddy’s and soon to be dads assemble at Soon to be Daddy’s. Daddy Forums have not forgotten that grandpas and step dads are daddies too and have allotted a special board just for them, the Grand Daddy’s and Step Daddy’s boards. For serious daddy talk visit Single / Divorced Daddy’s if you’re a single and divorced daddy looking for support, and Non-Custodial Daddy’s if you’re a dad living apart from your children

At Daddy Forums you’ll learn more about Daddy’s Life, how they go about repairing this and that at Toolbox and how they handle life with their better half at the Your Wife board. You might be surprise at what daddies have to say about their Love Life as they talk about everything there is about love. Learn latest movies, TV shows and channels daddies watch at Movies & TV. For their favorite music, look it up at Hear the Music and at Book Worms their favorite books.

Enter daddy world and learn as they discuss games and consoles at Game Center, computer hardware and software at Computers, all men sports at Sports Center and the toys for the big boys – cars at The Garage board.

Daddies may also share their jokes at Joking Around as well as start and play all forum related games and contest at the Games/Contest board.

Daddy Forums is not just about talk, but rather a business venture as well when you visit The Mall. Daddies may also sell, trade or even give away stuff at Swap Meet. If for instance they want to share a link for advertisements then post it at the Links and Advertisements boards.

Now if that is not enough reason to visit Daddy Forums, then here this – membership is free! So what are you daddies waiting for, check out Daddy Forums now!

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